USA Triathlon offers several educational opportunities for coaches, race directors and officials. Select from the courses below.

In this webinar, you will look at some of the areas of bike training that are often overlooked, limiting cycling performance and leading to training plateaus.  This webinar was recorded August 2017.  Brian Grasky Brian is a USA Triathlon Level III and USA Cycling Level II Certified Coach. He is the owner and head coach at Grasky Endurance Coaching, based in Tucson, Arizona. His race experience at international and pro level in Ironman, Xterra, short-, and long-course triathlon and duathlon have given him the experience to help athletes reach their goals. A few of his major athletic accomplishments include 12 overall triathlon wins including 4 still-standing course records, 4x USAT All-American, 4x Air Force Triathlon Team Member.   Read More

Building a successful business is never easy. This is especially true for triathlon coaches. However, there is good news. You can significantly increase your chances for success if you do a great job of keeping the clients you have. This webinar will provide you with 10 simple steps you can take to get and keep clients that rave about you and the awesome services you provide. As a result of this session, you will be able to identify the reasons clients stay with a coach for an extended period of time, as well as the mistakes coaches make to lose clients. You will also be able to implement a variety of simple steps that allow you to maintain successful, long-term relationships with your clients. Dr. Tyrone Holmes, Ed.D. ​Dr. Tyrone Holmes is a professional speaker, consultant and author. He received his bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Education and master’s Degree in Counselor Education from Penn State University. Dr. Holmes received a second master’s degree in Management from the State University of New York before earning a perfect 4.0 GPA in his Counselor Education doctoral program at Penn State.  Dr. Holmes has held positions in higher education and the financial services industry. He served as a corporate HR Manager for Amerisure Companies, where he worked extensively in the areas of teambuilding and human resource development. He also served as a full-time faculty member at Eastern Michigan University in the Department of Leadership and Counseling, and Wayne State University in the Department of Theoretical and Behavioral Foundations. Read More

Increasing power on the bike can have a dramatic impact on triathlon performance. Increased power will lower bike split times, increase climbing ability on both long and short hills, and improve performance in windy conditions. The good news is that increasing power is a relatively simple process. This webinar will describe 10 training activities that will significantly boost cycling power and increase bike speed in a variety of cycling and multisport events. Tyrone A. Holmes, Ed.D., CPT Dr. Holmes is a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise, a Level 1 cycling coach through USA Cycling and a TrainingPeaks Level 2 Certified Coach. He provides Cycle-Max Coaching for cyclists and multisport athletes who want to improve their performance on the bike and Run-Max Coaching for individuals who want to run longer and faster. Dr. Holmes has published several books including "Training and Coaching the Competitive Cyclist," "Developing Training Plans for Cyclists and Triathletes" and "The Business of Training and Coaching." Read More

As an introduction to paratriathlon for the amputee athlete, this webinar will cover a brief history of the amputee athletes in sports and the development paratriathlon for Tri 2, 4, and 5 amputee athlete divisions. Included will be a broad range of topics covering how to work safely and understand the needs of each of these athletes, coaching tips, and general overview of paratriathlon. Peter Harsch Peter is a Certified Prosthetist based in San Diego, CA. Peter’s experience in the development, customization and application of artificial limbs has made him a leader in the field. His methodical, individualized approach—which balances the skill of a technician with the responsiveness of a clinician—has made him a life-changing specialist. Peter is a 1997 graduate of the Cal State Dominguez Hills Prosthetic Certificate Program and in 1999 he achieved ABC Certification. In October 2001, Peter joined Ossur North America, a leader in the design of high-performance running feet. Peter also began training for Ironman Triathlon competitions at this time. By 2005, he had become Ossur’s Sr. Clinical Manager and finisher in the Hawaii Ironman World Championships. This was a defining period in Peter’s practice, which incorporates the perspectives of engineer and competitor into the fitting of prosthetics for the most active amputees. Peter was recruited by the Naval Medical Center San Diego’s Comprehensive Combat Casualty Care Center (C-5 Unit) in 2006. As the Director of Prosthetics, Peter developed a reputation for accessibility and tenacity among combat vets and ultra-competitive amputees. Under Peter’s leadership, the program developed a reputation for superior patient care. In October of 2012, Peter and his wife opened Peter Harsch Prosthetics. Read More

This webinar covers: Cycling Equipment Bike Fit Gearing Route Planning Technique Drills & Workouts Ian Murray Ian's coaching career began with alpine skiing where he became a level III instructor with PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of American) in his hometown of Aspen, CO. In 1997 Ian switched to triathlon as an athlete and in 1999 began coaching in our sport. Since then he's gone on to race nearly 200 triathlons at the local, regional, national and world level on and off road, non-draft and draft legal - and that's in addition to countless other single and multisport events, including adventure racing, road cycling, aquathon and cyclocross. Ian has been a full time triathlon coach for over 15 years. It's his calling and his career. He has served as the Head Coach for the United States at the pinnacle of our sport: Youth Olympic Games, Nanjing 2014, ITU WTS Madrid, ITU World Cups, Duathlon World Championships, CAMTRI Championships and more. He has obtained numerous certifications: USAT L3, ITU L2, USAC L2, and was honored as the Development Coach of the Year by The US Olympic Committee in 2006. Ian is the head coach of the only Junior High Performance Team in Los Angeles. He also leads Coaching Education for USA Triathlon and teaches bike fitting for two of the world’s most prestigious schools: F.I.S.T and at Guru's Fit Academy. Ian's day-to-day work is his passion: assisting athletes on all levels and in all areas: consultations, program design, private and group swim lessons, bike fit, run gait analysis, and more. Serving as LA Tri Club head coach ( since the beginning, Ian is also the Founder of Read More

This webinar will cover Coach Jesse’s most important 13 concepts for long course racing success! If you are an athlete racing an Iron or Half Iron distance event in the near future, this webinar is a must see. Highlights of Jesse’s “Baker's Dozen” include the importance of nutrition/diet, best effort and recovery days, proper pacing, and seasonal periodization. Join this webinar to learn about these core philosophies and how they can help to inform your long course preparation. Attendees will learn: (1) What the 13 Core Principles of Coach Jesse’s training protocol are, and what makes them so important. (2) The role that the 13 Core Principles play in fundamental training protocols. (3) How athletes can use these Core Principles to inform their own training, regardless of the training philosophy. Jesse Kropelnicki Jesse began creating QT2 Systems as a coaching outlet to those who have already peaked the performances that they can reach on their own, and are looking to make a jump to the next level.  Jesse’s vision was to have a core of coaches who were equally trained in the QT2 coaching protocols, as well as a commitment to every possible detail.  Under this philosophy, and the mantra “if your coach can’t tell you why you are doing a particular workout, then get a new coach”, QT2 was born and has grown to be one of the world’s leading providers of multisport coaching. In 2010 Jesse created with a similar purpose: to take athletic nutrition to the next level of detail, with an equally trained core of specialized nutritionists. What separates Jesse’s coaching from the others is equal attention to nutrition/body composition, race fueling, training protocol, mental fitness, and race execution. Jesse’s approach, and that learned by the other QT2 coaches, is very detail-oriented giving consideration to all aspects of training, racing, and nutrition.  Jesse has coached various Ironman Champions, USAT National Team Athletes, many elite age-group athletes (including over 15 Kona qualifiers), and even professional UFC fighters. Jesse’s current PRO athlete squad includes:  Caitlin Snow, Pedro Gomes, Jessie Donavan, as well as many others.  Jesse has presented on almost every aspect of training, racing, and nutrition over the past several years, is a regular contributor to Lava Magazine,, and, has a Master's Degree from Northeastern University, and maintains certifications as a USAT Level III coach, NSCA CSCS, and ACSM CpT.  Jesse was also invited to, and completed, USAT’s Elite Mentorship Program in Colorado Springs.  Currently, Jesse focuses on continuing to be the best coach that he can be for his athletes, utilizing logic, technology, science, and any other means available. Read More

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