Level I Virtual Coach Certification Clinic - December 4, 2020

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Brad Hildebrandt

23 Jul 2020



USA Triathlon Level I Coach Certification

USA Triathlon’s Level I Coach Certification Program is designed to educate aspiring coaches on how to train their athletes on different aspects of triathlon. Coaches will learn how to design a training plan geared toward their athlete’s needs as well as learn strength specific training for triathletes and key workouts. In addition to learning how to cater to your athletes needs, coaches will also learn the mechanics and skills of swimming, cycling and running from some of USA Triathlon’s most esteemed coaches. Coaches will not just learn how to train their athletes physically but they will also learn about nutrition periodization and mental skills, two vital aspects to master in the sport of triathlon.

Level I Virtual Coach Certification Clinic:
This Level I Virtual Coach Certification Clinic is a live, one day event. 

Live Clinic Schedule:
Friday, December 4, 2020 8am - 5pm Mountain Time

Important Information: 

  • You are required to purchase and complete Foundations of USA Triathlon Coaching before the live clinic.
  • You are required to do the pre-course work before the live clinic.
  • You are required to attend the entire clinic, as well as pass a multiple choice exam after the clinic, in order to receive your certification.
  • A device with a stable internet connection as well as a camera and microphone are required to take the Level I Virtual Coach Certification Clinic.
  • Upon completion of this entire section, you will be emailed the link and information for the Level I Virtual Coach Certification Clinic. 
  • Clinic Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds for this clinic for any reason. 

Clinic Registration Requirements:

In order to be eligible for the USA Triathlon Level I Coaching Clinic, candidates must meet the requirements below:

Level I Coach Certification Requirements:

For USA Triathlon Level I Coach Certification, candidates must complete and/or submit the following: 

  • Completion of Foundations of USA Triathlon Coaching 
  • USA Triathlon Level I Coach Certification Clinic
  • Online Certification Examination (minimum score of 80% required)
  • "Green Light (Clear)" Background Check
  • SafeSport Training Certification
  • CPR Certification
  • USA Triathlon Annual Membership

Purchasing this package will: 

  • Pay the clinic registration fee and register you for the live clinic
  • Enroll you in approx. 6 hours of online modules that are to be completed before the live clinic.
  • NOTE: Foundations of USA Triathlon Coaching is an additional and separate purchase ($99)

Please contact Brad Hildebrandt at Brad.Hildebrandt@usatriathlon.org if you have any questions. 

Level I Virtual Coach Certification Clinic Overview
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Foundations of USA Triathlon Coaching
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Level I Virtual Coach Certification Clinic Registration - December 4, 2020
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CPR Certification
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SafeSport Training Certificate
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NCSI Background Check
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Level I Virtual Clinic Presentations - December 4, 2020
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2020 USA Triathlon Level I Coaching Manual
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Start the USA Triathlon Level I Coach Certification Examination
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Level I Coach Certification Examination - December 4, 2020 Virtual Clinic
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Additional Coaching Resources
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