2020 Coach to Coach Mentorship Program Application

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Melissa Otterbein

26 Feb 2020



This application is for coaches interested in running a USA Triathlon Approved Coach to Coach Mentorship Program.

The Coach to Coach Mentorship Application costs $100. Approval is valid for 1 calendar year (from the date of application acceptance through 12/31/2020).

Program Overview

  • Mentor coaches will have the autonomy to design and run their mentorship programs
  • Mentorship programs should be at least 3 months but can be up to 12 months in length
  • If approved, USAT requires you to run the mentorship program as it was communicated to USAT via this application application and take ownership for the success of your mentorship program
    • A mentorship agreement between mentor and mentee is encouraged
  • Communicate to USAT Coaching Education all coaches that participated in your mentorship program as well as any additional feedback your receive regarding your mentorship program
  • Approved Coach to Coach Mentorship Programs will be awarded USAT CEUs
  • USAT will promote Approved Mentorship Programs on the USAT website and during 2020 Level I Coach Clinics
  • Upon mentorship completion, a mentorship evaluation form will be submitted by mentees to USA Triathlon Coaching Education. Submission of the mentorship evaluation form is required for the mentee to earn USAT CEUs.
    • USAT will then send the mentee coach a USAT CEU certificate

Mentor Qualifications

  • Mentor coaches must be an experienced USA Triathlon Certified Coach
    • Experienced USAT Coach is defined as a minimum of 5 years USAT coaching experience
    • USAT Level II, Level II Endurance, Level III, Youth & Junior Elite or Paratriathlon Certified Coaches preferred 
  • Mentor coaches must always be in good standing including current background check, CPR certification, USAT Annual Membership, and SafeSport Training

2020 Coach to Coach Mentorship Program Application
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