Lessons and Activities for Running Efficiency with Duston Morris Webinar

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Hope Graham

16 Apr 2019



In this webinar, participants will be provided an overview of lessons and activities that can be incorporated into youth multisport training programs, youth camps, and/or youth clinics to help young triathletes develop efficient running techniques, target heart zones and utilization of technology, interval running and distance calculations and more. Participants will also review assessment tools that can be used within each of the activities to help monitor progress and provide feedback to youth triathletes. 

Duston Morris, PhD, MS, CHES
Dr. Duston Morris is an Associate Professor in Health Sciences at the University of Central Arkansas and is also a running and triathlon coach. He has an extensive background in youth multisport training, youth multisport clinic and curriculum development, and triathlon coaching. Dr. Morris has helped numerous multisport athletes achieve success, qualifying for Age Group Nationals, 70.3 World Championships, and Team USA. He utilizes his personal experiences (Boston Marathoner, Ironman Finisher, Age Group Nationals, U.S. Half Nationals) as an endurance athlete to inspire and motivate other athletes regarding the comprehensive benefit of participating in the multisport lifestyle. His research interests include the relationship between exercise, physical activity and other healthy lifestyle characteristics for children and adults, the relationship between multisport participation and improved sexuality among healthy adults, and the impact of multisport curriculum on biological markers of youth multisport athletes.    


USA Triathlon Coach Webinars
USA Triathlon offers a variety of webinars designed specifically for triathlon coaches. Each webinar is approximately 60 minutes in length. Webinars can be purchased for $34.99 each and come with the webinar recording, PowerPoint slides and a 10 question webinar exam. Coaches earn 1 USAT CEU upon passing a webinar exam. A passing score is 80% or higher. Please note, webinar purchases are nonrefundable.

For questions regarding the webinar program, please email coaching@usatriathlon.org.

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Lessons and Activities for Running Efficiency with Duston Morris Webinar
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Lessons and Activities for Running Efficiency with Duston Morris Webinar Exam
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Added 1 day ago, by Thomas
Added 6 months ago, by Jo
Added 7 months ago, by Anonymous
Added 9 months ago, by Judi
Too long and boring
Added 9 months ago, by Anonymous
Good ideas to help with youth running. Also, will use some of the ideas with new adult runners.
Added 9 months ago, by Colin
Added 9 months ago, by Jennifer
Added 11 months ago, by Anonymous
A lot of time was spent on picking the right shoes and shopping for shoes. It would have been more beneficial to go into specifics such as age appropriate variations, progressions, and observations. Having a section on student reflection was a good addition.
Added about 1 year ago, by George
Very informative and functional for a coach
Added about 1 year ago, by Anonymous
Need to be able to print slides

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