13 Concepts for Long Course Racing: Making the Most Out of Any Training Program with Jesse Kropelnicki Webinar

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Hope Graham

04 Mar 2019



This webinar will cover Coach Jesse’s most important 13 concepts for long course racing success! If you are an athlete racing an Iron or Half Iron distance event in the near future, this webinar is a must see. Highlights of Jesse’s “Baker's Dozen” include the importance of nutrition/diet, best effort and recovery days, proper pacing, and seasonal periodization. Join this webinar to learn about these core philosophies and how they can help to inform your long course preparation.

Attendees will learn:
(1) What the 13 Core Principles of Coach Jesse’s training protocol are, and what makes them so important.
(2) The role that the 13 Core Principles play in fundamental training protocols.
(3) How athletes can use these Core Principles to inform their own training, regardless of the training philosophy.

Jesse Kropelnicki
Jesse began creating QT2 Systems as a coaching outlet to those who have already peaked the performances that they can reach on their own, and are looking to make a jump to the next level.  Jesse’s vision was to have a core of coaches who were equally trained in the QT2 coaching protocols, as well as a commitment to every possible detail.  Under this philosophy, and the mantra “if your coach can’t tell you why you are doing a particular workout, then get a new coach”, QT2 was born and has grown to be one of the world’s leading providers of multisport coaching. In 2010 Jesse created TheCoreDiet.com with a similar purpose: to take athletic nutrition to the next level of detail, with an equally trained core of specialized nutritionists.

What separates Jesse’s coaching from the others is equal attention to nutrition/body composition, race fueling, training protocol, mental fitness, and race execution. Jesse’s approach, and that learned by the other QT2 coaches, is very detail-oriented giving consideration to all aspects of training, racing, and nutrition. 

Jesse has coached various Ironman Champions, USAT National Team Athletes, many elite age-group athletes (including over 15 Kona qualifiers), and even professional UFC fighters. Jesse’s current PRO athlete squad includes:  Caitlin Snow, Pedro Gomes, Jessie Donavan, as well as many others.  Jesse has presented on almost every aspect of training, racing, and nutrition over the past several years, is a regular contributor to Lava Magazine, Ironman.com, and XTri.com, has a Master's Degree from Northeastern University, and maintains certifications as a USAT Level III coach, NSCA CSCS, and ACSM CpT.  Jesse was also invited to, and completed, USAT’s Elite Mentorship Program in Colorado Springs.  Currently, Jesse focuses on continuing to be the best coach that he can be for his athletes, utilizing logic, technology, science, and any other means available. https://www.qt2systems.com/coach-jesse-kropelnicki/


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For questions regarding the webinar program, please email coaching@usatriathlon.org.

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13 Concepts for Long Course Racing: Making the Most Out of Any Training Program Webinar
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13 Concepts for Long Course Racing: Making the Most Out of Any Training Program Webinar Exam
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Added 3 months ago, by Anonymous
Jesse is always fun to learn from
Added 5 months ago, by Henry
Learned some things that I can apply to coaching my long course athletes.
Added 5 months ago, by Laurie
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Many great concepts. Thanks!
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